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    Get the job (and income) of your dreams.
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    Obtain a professional license or certificate.
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    Enroll in school & be eligible for student loans.
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    Restore your right to own a gun.
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    Stop getting harassed by police!
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Why Choose Our Law Firm?

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Your case will be personally managed by attorney Anthony M. Masi, who has cleared nearly 1,000 cases just like yours over the past decade.

We file most of our clients' petitions with the court within twenty-four hours! Some companies charge $200 or more for expedited service. With our firm, it's included.

We'll clear your record from most credit, insurance, employment, and housing background checks, for no extra charge!

With us, the price you see is the price you pay. We won't nickel and dime you with extra charges. Beware of firms that do or prices too good to be true.

Pay in four easy installments with the first one starting at $94. No interest. No credit checks.

If we don't clear your case, we'll refund your money. Guaranteed. Some restrictions apply.

Wouldn’t you like to start a fresh, new life with a Clear Criminal Record? Get started today for as low as $94. Call now for a free attorney consultation.
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Our Services & Prices

Have a California felony, misdemeanor, or infraction on your record? Were you convicted of a DUI, drug crime, sex crime, or something else? Are you on probation or supervised release? Do you have an arrest that didn’t lead to a conviction? Do you want to be hired, advance at work, get licensed, be admitted to school, buy a gun, or fix your immigration status?

If there’s a way to clear your California court case or arrest record, we know how to do it. We’re experts. We’ve been clearing cases for the better part of a decade, and we want to clear your case, too.

Here are some of the services we provide along with our prices.

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Note: If you don't know which services you need, that's okay! Just let us know your goals, and we will tell you the best approach to take.

Our Basic Background Check Removal will remove cleared cases from consumer reporting agencies. This Premium Background Check Removal service is a major step further: It removes all of your information from the top people look-up websites.


This professional service is for the client with a long criminal record or the client who does not know exactly what is on his or her criminal record. The client's fingerprints will be taken, and the client's official RAP sheet will be personally reviewed by our attorney Anthony M. Masi. Mr. Masi will then review the RAP sheet with the client, provide the client a list of offenses on the RAP sheet, tell the client what can be done to clear each offense, and create a comprehensive plan of action to meet the client's goals.


If you have been convicted of a non-traffic infraction offense of, for example, disturbing the peace, petty theft, or trespassing (there are many more offenses that qualify), we can work toward having that conviction dismissed. Once dismissed, you could legally tell 99% of employers you were never convicted of the offense!


Due to the extra work involved, we charge $200.00 extra if you were convicted of a crime within one year after the infraction you want expunged.

Drug crimes. Theft crimes. Assaults and batteries. The list goes on and on. These offenses look bad, bad enough for a prospective employer to decline to hire you, a school to decline to admit you, or a professional license to reject you. Luckily, in most cases (especially if you completed probation without violation), you can have your old misdemeanor dismissed and legally be allowed to tell most employers and over 99% of other people that you were not convicted!


Due to the extra work involved, we charge $300.00 extra if you violated probation.

This is just like a misdemeanor expungement except more complicated. For this type of case clearing, we would need to put together a whole package that shows the court why granting you dismissal would serve the “interests of justice.” We've done this hundreds of times throughout California and know how to get results.


Due to the extra work involved, we charge $300.00 extra if you violated probation.

This is also like a misdemeanor expungement except it is also more complicated. Because this type of case clearing is also subject to the court's discretion, we would need to put together a whole package in support of your petition. We've also done hundreds of these types of petition with wonderful results.


Due to the extra work involved, we charge $300.00 extra if you were granted probation but violated probation. Also, due to the extra work involved, we charge $300.00 extra if you were sentenced to state prison.

If you are a convicted felon, you know that it comes with a certain negative stigma that follows you professionally and socially. You already know how much you would personally benefit from having your felony conviction reduced to only a misdemeanor (and, in many cases, also being eligible to have that misdemeanor dismissed). We would like to work with you to make this happen.

$995.00 (But only $400.00 when done at the same time as an expungement)

Typically, if you've completed over half of your term of probation, have completed all of your other probation requirements (for example, you have attended all required classes, done all community service, and made all financial payments), and have a good reason for needing to complete probation early, we can usually help you terminate your term of probation early. Depending on the case, you might not even need a good reason, and we might be able to terminate your term of probation early even if you accepted a plea deal that set a specific term of probation. We want to help you get control of your life back!


Add $600.00 for a misdemeanor expungement at the same time.
Add $800.00 for a felony expungement at the same time.

We are able to seal many different kinds of juvenile arrest, court, conviction, and sentence records. We have helped many of our clients be admitted to excellent universities as a result. Move on beyond mistakes you made in your youth!


Were you arrested but not convicted? If you were arrested but the prosecutor never filed charges, the charges were filed but dismissed, you were found not guilty, or you completed a qualifying diversion program, you might qualify to have your entire arrest record sealed, almost like it never even happened.


Is there an error on your California Department of Justice record, your FBI record, or your criminal record that's maintained by a private company? Does your record show an arrest that did not happen, a conviction that did not happen, events that did not happen, or an unclear reporting of events? Tell us the error, and we can work to fix it.


There are a variety of criminal convictions that do not qualify for expungement or that the court might refuse to reduce to a misdemeanor. For those offenses, you might be able to have the court declare that you have been rehabilitated. Having a Certificate of Rehabilitation would greatly increase the odds of being professionally licensed or hired because it shows that you have changed your life and have addressed the mistakes of your past head-on. A Certificate of Rehabilitation would also be sent to the Governor's Office for pardon consideration.


Depending on the crime and circumstances, if you are required to register pursuant to Cal. Penal Code § 290, you might be able to terminate that registration requirement. End the embarrassment and get off the Megan's Law web site once and for all.


If we determine that you qualify to have your conviction vacated on constitutional grounds, we will work with you and your immigration attorney to prepare, file, and defend your petition to vacate. This would probably be the most important step to securing your legal status in the United States.


Remember: If you do not know exactly which type of service you need, we can help! Or if you would simply like the clearest record you could possibly have, we are here to help you with this, too!

We specialize in clearing cases just like yours, starting at only $94!
Call now for a free attorney consultation.
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"[A California licensing agency] denied my application because of my DUIs. But once Tony cleared them, I was approved! It has literally changed my life. If I could give Tony and his ClearYourCase.com team ten stars, I would!"



"I think Tony is terrific! He always does what he says he's going to do. He reduced my felony to a misdemeanor, and now I'm working at my dream job at [removed for privacy]. I recommend him and ClearYourCase.com to everyone."



"I wanted to buy a gun, but I couldn't qualify because of my record. Several attorneys I hired couldn't get me qualified. But Tony did, and he did it FAST! Highly recommended."



Why Us?

CheckmarkWe are an experienced law firm that specializes in clearing criminal records with the best expungement attorneys in California.

CheckmarkOur attorney pays careful attention to every single case. Unlike other companies, we don't have a team of low-paid non-attorney staff slop together our clients' petitions.

CheckmarkBasic background check removal is included at no additional charge.

CheckmarkFlat pricing with no surprises.

CheckmarkPayment plans starting at $94.

CheckmarkMoney-Back Guarantee.

Our Case Clearing Process

The whole process usually takes 2-6 months and usually involves the following steps:

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Complete Our Client Onboarding Form

Once we are hired, we will send you our client onboarding form. This form will ask you questions about yourself and the cases you would like to clear. When you finish the form, send it back to us along with any case-related paperwork you have. Don't worry if you do not know the answers to the form's questions or can't find documents. We're here to help!

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Get Your Documents & Background Check

Next, we will work together with you to find the documents that we believe would be helpful for us to clear your case. Sometimes, we don't need any documents other than what we can find online. Other times, we might need a letter of recommendation, a probation report, a court file, or a background check. We will work with you to obtain everything you need.

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We Prepare your Petitions

We will gather all the information we have related to your case and draft the petition that gives you the highest possible chance of success.

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Attorney Anthony M. Masi Reviews Your Petitions and Case

Before your petition is filed, our managing attorney, Anthony M. Masi, will review your entire file and the petition itself. With his vast experience in clearing cases, he will personally make sure your legal position is the best it can be under the circumstances.

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We File Your Petitions with the Court

Once Mr. Masi approves and signs your petition, we will file it in the appropriate courthouse. We will also serve the prosecutor, law enforcement (when necessary), and anyone else who is required to receive the papers.

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We Attend All Hearings

After your petition is filed, the court might schedule one or more hearings. These are court appearances where your petition will be discussed. We will attend these hearings for you, at no extra charge. You are almost never required to attend your hearing, but you can attend if you would like. When your hearing ends, we will let you know what happened and if your case has been cleared.

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We Obtain Your Orders

If your case has been cleared, the court will mail us a certified copy of the order that says so. As soon as we receive it, we will send it to you, at no extra charge.

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We Enforce Your Orders

Thirty days after your case has been cleared, we will verify that your public record really is cleared. If it is not, we will take steps to make sure your case is cleared once and for all, at no extra charge.

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You really can start a fresh, new life without the stigma of a criminal record. Call now for a free attorney consultation: (800) 588-8098

About Our Attorney

A headshot picture of Attorney Anthony M. Masi

A photograph of Attorney Anthony M. Masi Anthony M. Masi is the founder and president of ClearYourCase.com and The Law Firm Tony Masi PC. He knows how to clear criminal records. It’s what he has done since 2015, personally clearing nearly 1,000 cases.

Mr. Masi graduated from the University of California, Riverside with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science/Law and Society. He then graduated from Western State College of Law with a Juris Doctor degree. Mr. Masi graduated at the top of his law school class with honors, participating in business moot court, and obtaining the highest grades in his pre-trial litigation, trial practice, and contracts drafting classes.

Mr. Masi is actively licensed to practice law in the State of California and has been assigned State Bar of California number 305234. He is also admitted to practice in the United States District Court, Central District of California, and in the United States immigration courts nationwide.

In his spare time, Mr. Masi and his fiancé Marlen enjoy reviewing new technology and travelling. They have travelled extensively throughout the United States, Mexico, Western Europe, and East Asia.

Mr. Masi also loves his work. No matter where he goes or what he does, there is nothing in the world quite like the wonderful feeling of helping someone achieve their dream of having a clear criminal record.

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Attorney Anthony M. Masi specializes in clearing criminal records. He will have an honest conversation with you and let you know if you are eligible.

The sooner you start, the sooner you can get the job, license, or home of your dreams!

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"If you've done the crime, and you've done the time, shouldn't your punishment be over? In many cases, it can be. I want to help you clear your case."

Anthony M. Masi, Founder of ClearYourCase.com

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