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Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are the answers to questions we are asked most often or that we think are important for you to know the answers to. If you have any question that does not appear below, please chat with us now by clicking the chat icon in the lower-right corner of this web page or call us toll-free at (800) 588-8098.

Do your prices really include all fees?

YES! We will not charge you any more for the services we provide. However, while court costs, filing fees, copy expenses, and our legal fees are fully covered by our flat fee, there are two charges that you might have to pay separately:

  • We might send you to get your fingerprints taken so that our attorney may review your official California RAP sheet. If you need to obtain your RAP sheet, most Livescan vendors charge between $25 and $45.
  • If you are a registered sex offender, and you are seeking either a certificate of rehabilitation or to be removed from the sex offender registry, we might send you to receive a psychological evaluation. A psychological evaluation would be used to determine to what extent you have been rehabilitated and how likely you are to offend again. These types of evaluations start at $500 and result in a report that we would file with the court to make the judge more comfortable about granting the relief you seek.

Which types of payment do you accept?

We are happy to accept almost all types of payment, including:

  • Visa¹
  • Mastercard¹
  • American Express¹
  • Discover Card¹
  • Diners Club¹
  • JCB¹
  • Cash delivered to any worldwide Citibank¹ branch
  • Check processed on our website or by telephone
  • Check, certified check, or money order mailed to our office
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (specifically, ACH)
  • Wire Transfer
  • PayPal¹
  • Bitcoin²

We will not charge you any fees for the payment method you use. However, be aware that your bank or financial institution might charge you a fee (for example, while we will not charge you a fee to receive a wire transfer, your bank might charge you a fee to send the wire transfer).

Also, any payment you make to us that is not in United States dollars will be automatically converted to United States dollars by a financial intermediary (which will deduct conversion fees from your payment), and only the converted amount in United States dollars that we receive will be credited as payment to your account.

Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely! We offer three standard payment plans:

  1. Pay In Full: Pay 100% of your balance when you sign up with us.
  2. Pay In Thirds: Pay 33% of your balance when you sign up with up. Then, pay 33% of your original balance 30 days later, and pay 34% of your original balance 30 days after that.
  3. Pay $94 to Start: Pay $94.00 when you sign up. Then pay three equal, monthly installments.

We also offer custom payment plans! If our standard payment plans don’t work for you (for example, you need more time to pay because you are waiting for a tax refund, stimulus payment, or pay day, or clearing your case involves multiple services), call us. We’re flexible!

What is your Money-Back Guarantee?

In summary, if we are not successful in clearing your case, we will promptly refund the fee you pay us in the following situations:

  • In a misdemeanor expungement where you did not violate probation (but not including DUI or “wet reckless” cases).
  • In an infraction expungement where you fully complied with and performed the sentence of the court, obeyed all laws since Your date of judgment, and at least 367 calendar days have passed since your date of judgment.
  • In an arrest record sealing where the arrest was not part of a pattern³ of domestic violence, child abuse, or elder abuse arrests or convictions.
  • You are not currently charged with any offense, not on probation for any offense, and not serving any criminal sentence; and this does not change throughout the entire case-clearing process.
  • If you were ordered by the court to pay fines, fees, costs, or restitution, you paid it all on time and in full.

This is only a summary of our Money-Back Guarantee. Additional terms, conditions, and limitations apply. Our Money-Back Guarantee is stated officially and in full within a document we provide along with our Attorney Representation Agreement. Don’t worry, though; we will tell you in advance whether our Money-Back Guarantee applies to you and your case.

How long will it take to clear my case?

Almost always, the process takes between two months and six months. The time might be shorter if your case is simple (for example, one offense for a common crime), recent, and the courts are available. However, the time might be longer if your case clearing process requires multiple steps, your case is over ten years old, the courts are backed up, or your case is extra controversial.

What is the difference between the Basic Background Check Removal and the Premium Background Check Removal?

Basic background check removal removes cleared cases from public records and all consumer reporting agencies that produce credit, insurance, employment, and housing background checks. This service is included for free.

Premium background check removal includes all the benefits of basic background check removal plus goes a major step further by removing your personal information from the top people search websites, like Intelius¹, Spokeo¹, Whitepages¹, Anywho¹, MyLife¹, BackgroundChecks.org¹, LexisNexis¹, Truthfinder¹, US Search¹, PeopleFinders¹, BeenVerified¹, and more. We can remove your personal information from these services even if you cannot obtain an expungement, reduction, or record sealing! If you are a California resident, we highly recommend clearing your case as much as you possibly can by adding this premium service.

What kind of organization is

We are a law firm. is a service of The Law Firm Tony Masi PC, which is owned and managed by Anthony M. Masi, a licensed California attorney. Mr. Masi is licensed to practice law by the State Bar of California. Mr. Masi’s state bar number is 305234. He has a spotless disciplinary record with the State Bar. Feel free to look him up on the website of the State Bar of California.

Why is it important for me to hire a law firm?

There are many reasons why it does not pay to hire a notary or document preparation service. The most obvious reason is because we are legally allowed to represent you in court.

Notaries and document preparation services are not allowed to represent clients in court because they are not attorneys (and doing so would be the unauthorized practice of law in California, a misdemeanor). This is very important. Please trust us: You do not want to be in court arguing against one or more fully trained prosecuting attorneys. If you are not an experienced criminal law attorney like the prosecutors are, it wouldn’t even be a fair fight.

What would you do if you and the prosecutor are standing in front of the judge during your live, in-person hearing and the prosecutor objects to your petition or evidence (which they do regularly and always will if they have any reason to)? What would you say in response? If the prosecutor makes a request to the court that seems reasonable to you, how would you know whether that request is actually a trap? Would you be surprised to learn that one of the basics in the prosecutor’s playbook is trapping his or her opponents in traps the opponent doesn’t even realize are traps until it is too late? This is why you need an experienced attorney on your side. Your future is too valuable to risk.

Be very careful with anyone who offers legal work who is not an attorney. Attorneys and law firms are regulated by the State Bar of California and are subject to strict licensing requirements. Notaries and document preparation services are not. State bar licensing is an important public protection that ensures competent work by the attorney and law firm. And competence for important legal matters like yours is vital. We have seen many lives ruined by mistakes made by public notaries and document preparers. With us, not only are we competent, qualified, experienced attorneys, we also have a big $750,000 attorney malpractice insurance policy in effect for your protection.

Should I have the public defender clear my case?

No. First of all, the public defender might decline to represent you in clearing your case.

But if they represent you, public defenders will almost always charge you for their services. That’s right: the same over-worked lawyers who probably worked on your case the first time around (and lost) will charge you money. Why would you ever want to pay the public defender?

Think about this: According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics (under the U.S. Department of Justice), in 2013, each public defender on average had an active caseload between 50 cases and 590 cases! Some are DUI cases. Some are robbery cases. Some are murder cases. And each of their up-to-590 cases are almost guaranteed to be higher priority to them than your case. Why? Because the public defender has a constitutional duty to provide assistance of counsel for criminal defenses, not assistance of counsel for clearing the cases of people who are not at risk of criminal punishment.

Don’t be prioritized last with the public defender. Be prioritized first with us. With us, you don’t have to compete for time against someone who might get the death penalty. Clearing cases is all we do. Why not get your money’s worth and pay for the best?

Should I try to clear my case on my own?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Yes, we want to earn your business. However, if you do not hire us, it is important that you hire another licensed attorney or law firm and not try clearing your case on your own (or hiring a document preparation service or notary).

Why? Because a bad attempt to clear your case might forever prevent you from clearing your case! It might also hurt other cases you have (especially if you have a pending immigration case or civil case)! Be aware that if you write the wrong information on paperwork, or say the wrong things to the court or the prosecutor, you may be permanently locked into those wrong positions. And those positions might be fatal for your case. We have seen this happen with many potential clients.

The biggest problem we see is that, since you do not have experience clearing cases, you would not know whether you are saying or doing the wrong thing until you are locked in and it is too late to change your position (and believe us when we tell you: prosecutors intentionally try to lock people in to bad positions).

Clearing your case is serious and can seriously affect your ability to work, get licensed, go to school, and more. It is not a casual situation where you should say, “I’ll try it myself, and if I can’t do it, I’ll just hire an attorney then.” We would be honored to clear your case. However, if you do not hire us, do yourself a favor and hire another lawyer or law firm.

Will the victim participate in the case clearing process?

The victim has the right to participate in your case no matter what its stage, including after conviction. However, victims almost never participate unless you want them to.

If your case involves a victim, and you have a good relationship with the victim, a positive word from the victim about you is extremely helpful. The positive word can be in the form of a signed declaration (which we would file with the court). It can also be in the form of the victim appearing in court to personally address the judge. Either way, positivity about you from the victim significantly increases your odds that the court will agree to clear your case.

There are some situations, though, where you would rather not see, interact with, or disturb the victim. We understand this. Here is what we can tell you: Under the Victims’ Bill of Rights Act of 2008 (commonly known as Marsy’s Law or Proposition 9), your case’s victim has the legal right to be heard at your court proceeding. However, whether the victim will want to be heard is a different question. In our experience, most victims do not trouble themselves by participating in unnecessary legal proceedings long after the conviction. In fact, almost none of them do.

That said, we have had a few cases where the victim of a sex offense exercised her rights under the Victims’ Bill of Rights Act of 2008 and opposed our client in court. Please understand that, although it is extremely rare, if this happens to you, it would become very unlikely that the judge would clear your case. California superior court judges are elected government officials just like mayors and members of the city counsel, judges are required to be re-elected at some point if the judge wants to remain a judge, and it is not politically popular for a judge to clear the case of a sex offender over the strong objection of the victim.


¹ This name is a trademark. We do not own or license this trademark. We are not sponsored by, endorsed by, or associated with the trademark owner.

² WARNING—BE CAREFUL PAYING WITH BITCOIN! Always double-check our Bitcoin address before you pay. Be sure to send only Bitcoin (BTC), not any other cryptocurrency. If you make a mistake, your cryptocurrency will be irreversibly lost at your sole expense. If you have never made a payment with Bitcoin, please do not pay us with Bitcoin.

³ “Pattern” is a specially defined term that means “two or more convictions, or five or more arrests, for separate offenses occurring on separate occasions within three years from at least one of the other convictions or arrests.” Cal. Penal Code § 851.91(c)(2)(A)(ii). If the arrest you want to seal is part of a pattern of domestic violence, child abuse, or elder abuse arrests or convictions, we might still be able to seal your arrest record! However, we do not offer our Money-Back Guarantee.


"[A California licensing agency] denied my application because of my DUIs. But once Tony cleared them, I was approved! It has literally changed my life. If I could give Tony and his team ten stars, I would!"



"I think Tony is terrific! He always does what he says he's going to do. He reduced my felony to a misdemeanor, and now I'm working at my dream job at [removed for privacy]. I recommend him and to everyone."



"I wanted to buy a gun, but I couldn't qualify because of my record. Several attorneys I hired couldn't get me qualified. But Tony did, and he did it FAST! Highly recommended."



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CheckmarkMoney-Back Guarantee.

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Our Case Clearing Process

The whole process usually takes 2-6 months and usually involves the following steps:

A document with a seal on it


Complete Our Client Onboarding Form

Once we are hired, we will send you our client onboarding form. This form will ask you questions about yourself and the cases you would like to clear. When you finish the form, send it back to us along with any case-related paperwork you have. Don't worry if you do not know the answers to the form's questions or can't find documents. We're here to help!

A document with a seal on it


Get Your Documents & Background Check

Next, we will work together with you to find the documents that we believe would be helpful for us to clear your case. Sometimes, we don't need any documents other than what we can find online. Other times, we might need a letter of recommendation, a probation report, a court file, or a background check. We will work with you to obtain everything you need.

A document with a seal on it


We Prepare your Petitions

We will gather all the information we have related to your case and draft the petition that gives you the highest possible chance of success.

A document with a seal on it


Attorney Anthony M. Masi Reviews Your Petitions and Case

Before your petition is filed, our managing attorney, Anthony M. Masi, will review your entire file and the petition itself. With his vast experience in clearing cases, he will personally make sure your legal position is the best it can be under the circumstances.

A document with a seal on it


We File Your Petitions with the Court

Once Mr. Masi approves and signs your petition, we will file it in the appropriate courthouse. We will also serve the prosecutor, law enforcement (when necessary), and anyone else who is required to receive the papers.

A document with a seal on it


We Attend All Hearings

After your petition is filed, the court might schedule one or more hearings. These are court appearances where your petition will be discussed. We will attend these hearings for you, at no extra charge. You are almost never required to attend your hearing, but you can attend if you would like. When your hearing ends, we will let you know what happened and if your case has been cleared.

A document with a seal on it


We Obtain Your Orders

If your case has been cleared, the court will mail us a certified copy of the order that says so. As soon as we receive it, we will send it to you, at no extra charge.

A document with a seal on it


We Enforce Your Orders

Thirty days after your case has been cleared, we will verify that your public record really is cleared. If it is not, we will take steps to make sure your case is cleared once and for all, at no extra charge.

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